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SS-Mini GPS Tracker

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Available to see the location on the map and to query the location of the track on the computer platform, but also direct text messages in Chinese to respond to the location.

Support foreign positioning tracking function

This product built-in two powerful magnet adsorption function, more convenient for you to install the placement

With automatic charging function



1)appearance size: 3.5cm*2.0cm*1.4cm (L*W*H)

2)charging input: InputAC110~220V50/60Hz

3)charge output: 300-500mA OutputDC5.0V

4)machine battery: 400mAh Li-ion battery 3.7V

5)standby time: 12 days. Working time 4-6 days

6)mini TF card expansion card;

7)continuous calls: 150-180 minutes

8)network system: GSM/GPRS

9)GPRS:Upload60, TCP/IP

10)working voltage: 3.4 - DC 4.2V

11)standby current:: = 2.5mA

12)open sound control: current is 30mA

13)the current call: about 150mA

14)GSM positioning time: 25 seconds

Basic parameters: band GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ



1. In order to achieve a more accurate position, it is recommended using mobile SIM card, and confirm opening GPRS (the case of DW SMS reply position does not generate traffic, such as DT or DT3 on the map query will need to open the GPRS monthly, need to flow. If it is just bought a card and some second days to search the signal.

2. Use SIM card, try not to save too much text messages, in particular, is already full, so as not to affect the function.

3. Before using the new machine to full power, in order to achieve better results.

4. The light is not bright, the battery is not charged, then use the charge.

5. The phone card, re boot or charging before use

6. Do not automatically answer, re card

7. confirmed that there are calls to show features, do not open the call forwarding function

8. confirmation card PIN code is closed (that is, when the phone is placed in the use of a password can not be used).

9. charge for use, easy to burn machine prohibit charging, charging a mobile phone out of the best card.


Package Includes:

1 x GPS tracker