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SS-Solid 18K/750 Rose Gold Dangle Stars Long Line Earrings

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Real Solid 18K Rose Gold. Not gold plated

Metal:Solid 18K/750 Rose Gold
Weight:Total 1.74 grams (0.87 grams each)
Length ( From Star to Star): 4.8 cm
Length (Chain): 8 cm
Length ( Needle) : 1.4 cm
Total Length: 14.2 cm
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18K gold is 75 percent gold mixed with 25 percent of other metals. The other 25% usually consists of metals such as zinc, copper, silver, etc.

Usually, you will see a stamp on the gold jewelry such as G18K, 18Kt, 18ct, 18k, or AU750

AU refers to the mineral symbol of Gold